A great man once said to me that the two most powerful words in the English language are “What If.” He was right, however I have discovered that their importance is directly tied to their application. Looking back they hold no power at all. “What if I had…” only leads to despair over the action not taken. “What if I do…” on the other hand opens the door to possibility.

What if you took the reins of your life? What if you stumbled, how far would you fall? These simple questions led me here.

I was lost in what I wanted to do. I was in a career I had accidentally stumbled into and although I was finding success I was not happy with the path I was on. I was on the path of least resistance, however I am not the drifting type. I had to look at life differently, and I had some choices to make. I started that adventure with What if.

  1. What if I became the person I wished I was?
    • I “became” Violette. Based on a color that is a mixture of others. I changed my name to match the newly blended me and forged ahead into my new world
    • I became a volunteer focusing on creating more of the things I was passionate about
    • I looked for things holding me back
    • I set goals, big goals, and got out of that lazy drifting stream
  2. What if I changed the world?
    • I worked with my uncle on a water collection system that could become the worldwide standard for sustainability
    • I focused my career on automation technology
    • I became visible to others who had not taken such steps
  3. What if I stopped thinking about what others think
    • I found that shaking off the weight of judgement led to more confidence
    • I realized that judgement was a detriment to the one judging, and they had much more to fear
  4. What if I kept asking what if
    • No matter what I face there will always be choices to analyze
    • Life requires regular evaluation
    • With every step our perspective changes, with each major change we will not recognize the view looking back

So here I am, ready to take on the world. Ready to take control of my life. Ready to swim upstream, or get creative and take a stroll through the woods instead. I am ready to share my story, and am always looking forward to the next adventure.

Now it is your turn to ask… What If I contact Violette for my next project?

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